Live And Breathe Beauty

I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit

Back Side:
Love how it gives you instructions!

Contains FOUR Brushes:
-Contour Brush
-Foundation Brush
-Eyeshadow Brush
-Buffing Brush

Contiene CUATRO Brochas:
-Brocha de Contorno
-Brocha para la Base
-Brocha de Sombras
-Brocha para toda Tu Cara 


What does LAB2 stand for?
It's stands for Live and Breathe Beauty.

What are the products?
New and revolutionized makeup brushes!

What does it do?
This new sets of brushes are completely design to give you an ultimate finish. Not only are they affordable but they are also high quality brushes! They have the highest quality synthetic filament, they have a unique fiber,they are soft and not to mention THEY ARE ANIMAL FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC! 

Where can I find them?
Just click here ---> LAB2

You know being a girl who loves playing with makeup you constantly hear around how this and that product are better than so and so product because of something. After hearing the good appraisals of many people you decide to go for it and buy it. You then go home excited to try it and discover that is basically the same product that you already have just with a new packaging and not to mention you probably spend a lot of money for it. Well, let me tell you ladies these brushes aren't the same as others. These brushes are built to perfection and to fill your everyday needs! When I first opened them I automatically felt the bristles to see how soft they were. Let me tell you, super soft!!! As the excitement built I was more than ready to start using them! As always I started by using my foundation brush. OH MY GOD! It honestly made me feel like a fancy painter. The touch on your skin and the touch on your fingers when you hold it is amazing! Every part of my skin and every corner I was able to touch it with this brush, it's perfect! Secondly, I used the eyeshadow brush. Let me tell you about this brush, it picked up the product and it did not dropped any of it. I was able to get the result I wanted from picking up eyeshadow once as oppose to other brushes having to do it 2 or 3 times. Thirdly, I used my buffing brush to get some powder and lock in my foundation. I did realized how it also picked up more product than my other brush that I would normally used. I smooth the powder all around my face and absolutely loved the end result of it. Finally, to add some color to my cheeks I used the contour brush. The way this brush is design, it spreads the product evenly on the cheeks and just as the pass two brushes it also picked more than my usual brush would. All in total I absolutely give LAB2 a THUMBS UP! Highly recommend it and encourage everyone to try it. They are high end products for the fraction of the cost AND THEY WORK SUPER GREAT ON YOUR SKIN!!!


Que significa LAB2?
Significa Live and Breathe Beauty.

Que son los productos?
Son nuevas brochas de maquillaje con un terminado espectacular!

En donde las puedo encontrar?
Las puedes encontrar haciendo click aqui --> LAB2

Siendo mujer que le gusta todo lo de maquillaje, siempre uno escucha sobre los últimos y nuevos productos que hay en tiendas. Obviamente después de escuchar a la gente decir que los productos son tan buenos y que los recomiendan para todos uno los quiere y termina comprándolos. Después de tus compras estando feliz y emocionada por probar ese producto llegas a tu casa y lo empiezas a usar solo para darte que cuenta que el es mismo producto que ya tienes pero con nuevo empaque. La verdad que es una decepción y al final solo pierdes dinero. Déjame decirte que estos productos son exactamente lo opuesto! Este nuevo kit de LAB2 esta buenísimo! Son brochas de muy buena calidad a un precio super reducido! Las brochas son suaves, resistentes, y no tienen pelo de animales(Animal Free), y son 100% hipoalergenicas(Hypoallergic). En cuanto me llegaron las brochas obviamente las probe y me super encanto que todas las brochas recogen producto y no lo suelta luego luego como otros. Me pude maquillar super bien sin tener que agarrar mucho maquillaje como lo ago con mis otras brochas. Primero empece usando la brocha para las base, seguida por la brocha de las sobra, después use la brocha para toda tu cara, y por ultimo use la de contorno para aplicar rubor. Las brochas de LAB2 me dio un look mas limpio y mas natural que me enamoro! A todas ustedes se las super mega recomiendo! No solo son buenísimas pero el precio es muy bonito para esta brochas que son de buena calidad! La verdad es que no pierdes dinero comprando este producto! Espero que les encante igual que a mi!

End look after using the Pro Brush Kit! 
I absolutely love how my face looks extra smooth in person and in the photo. 

Este es mi look final después de usar el Pro Brush Kit!
Me super encanto como mi cara se mira muy suave en la foto y en persona.

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