Last Pre Baby Post

I have hit my 9 months & baby should be arriving soon!
I can't wait to hold her little feet and hands and just fill her up with so many kisses!

For those of you who are wondering and asking how I am here's my little update for ya!

How have you been feeling?
I have been feeling tired day and night and I cannot get enough rest throughout the day. I keep napping here and there. My feet and hands have been swollen now and they even sometimes hurt.

Are you still working?
No, I am officially on maternity leave from work and so far I haven't gone crazy, but there are some days where I am just in need of something to do.

Any contractions?
Yes, here and there but nothing consecutive enough for me to rush to the hospital. 

Are you scared, worried, or nervous?
No I am not. Its probably because I don't get like that until the event finally happens. Once I see the baby is coming for sure I will probably get a little nervous. I mean I am only bringing another life to this planet! LOL. 

How is the family and husband?
My whole family is just waiting for the baby to arrive! I think they're more anxious to have her here than I am! Hahaha. My husband is desperate to meet his little princess too. Every day he checks his phone just to make sure I am okay.

Belly Belly Belly!

That is it for now! As the title states it this is my last pre baby blog! Thank you all for the good wishes! I know I will need every single one of them when I am at the hospital in pain! HAHA! It has been an incredible journey with this little one but Mama can't carry her anymore! She is big for my little body. Once again sorry for the lack of posts but I have been tired and once the baby comes I will announce it to you all! 
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