Bio Oil + Photoshoot

September 2015
Bio Oil Photoshoot 
Photography by Russell Baer

Last year in late September I got the huge opportunity to work along side Taylor Pond and Bio Oil. Me along side other people were picked out to do a testimonial about the product and come out in a book. As a bonus we got to work with an amazing celebrity photographer, Russell Baer. 

Literally as I was making line in the DMV to pay my license plates I got the exiting email of the photos that are being used in the book! And to not further this blog up here below are the amazing photos that Russell took! ENJOY!

This One is My Favorite:
Oh how I miss my Little Joy inside of me!
My tummy wasn't showing much all through my pregnancy and neither on my first outfit so we decided to go with this body hugging dress to make it appear bigger. As you can tell my belly wasn't round enough yet LOL!

I hope you all enjoy seeing this amazing photos as much as did! 
Thank you again to Scarlett and Megan from the Taylor Pond team & to Russell for being such an awesome person to work with! I wish I could do it all over again!

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