Eminent Society Car Club

What is Eminent Society? 
Eminent Society is a San Diego based Car Club where family and friends all come together and share one common thing, the love for cars. 

When was the Car Club established?
The club established themselves in the year 2013 and since then has been bringing on more members on board or family as we would like to call them.

Social Media: 
Facebook | Eminent Society Fan Page
Instagram | @EminentSociety

Up Coming Shows:
The club will be at two upcoming shows! If you like cars and would love to meet the crew make sure to go! Stop by and say hi on these days:

May 7th  at T.O.R.C in Long Beach
July 30th at Extreme Autofest in San Diego


The Cars:

'06 Scion XB
Instagram: eminentsociety_john 

'12 Scion TC

'92 Nissan 240sx Coupe

'94 Honda Civic

'05 Scion XB
Instagram: reyraysixonenine 

'98 Acura Integra

'93 Mercedes 400E
Instagram: lando.1904

'08 Scion XD

'06 Scion XB
Instagram: valdezmii_eminentsociety

'05 Scion xA

'99 Skyline R34
Instagram: j0hnbajuice 

'08 Subaru Legacy 

'92 Honda Accord DX 
Converted to Manual
Instagram: mintcb7s 

'06 Scion XB
Instagram: boxfink_13

'12 Honda Accord
Instagram: adrriaan_

'92 Honda Civic EG6 L's Swap
Instagram: egnando92_eminentsociety

'92 SC400 R154 Swap
Instagram: johngoldsc 

'12 Lexus is250

'09 Honda Accord 
Instagram: anndy_eminentsociety

'09 Honda Civic

'93 Lexus SC300 
Instagram: mitchsc300

'06 Audi A6 3.2 Quattro
Instagram: A6_chubs_eminentsociety

'98 Honda Odyssey
5 Speed Soon to be RHD
Instagram: henry_ra3_eminentsociety

'84 Porsche 944

'00 Nissan Maxima 

Don't forget to show some love! Leave a comment below saying which one is your favorite!

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