The First of July

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Smiles & Laughs
Cries &Tears...

All the emotions you can name here we both have passed through it.

7 yrs/2,555 days up until this point.
Like seriously who would of thought we would be were we are now?! LOL.

Because I am so excited about it I thought I would share some memories. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Year 2009
Occasion: My 18th Birthday

Year 2010
Occasion: Jonathan's Graduation

Year 2011 
Occasion: Our Occasional Baseball Games

Year 2012
Occasion: The night Jonathan proposed to me!
Excuse the blurry picture but it was so beautiful seeing this sign light up from my window!

Year 2013
Occasion: Kendrick Lamar Concert
Third Time seeing K.Dot too! 

Year 2014
Occasion: Our Wedding!
First Selfie as a Married Couple

Year 2015
Occasion: Friend's Wedding

Year 2016
Occasion: First Family Photoshoot

 7 years later...a marriage and one beautiful baby! 
Thank you babe for putting up with me and my moods! Well technically I should be saying "you're welcome" for me putting up with you! HAHA! 

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