Above Time X Exclusive Event

Exclusive and Private Blogger Event

On August 27th I had the privilege to attend an amazing event for the brand Above Time... 

Above Time is a San Diego based company who's mission is to provide high quality accessories for the classy, fly, and natural person to live a well garnished life. Their focus is to create a community where individuals are able to express their unique individuality while also making a positive contribution to the environment. 

Getting interviewed by Tyler...
I swear I thought I was only going to take a photo! Sorry Tyler if I sounded/seemed awkward I totally wasn't expecting it! LOL. But you are definitely such a sweetheart! 

Set Up:
This cute setup is only available at Alexander Salazar Fine Art studio!
Stop by to check them out and also check out the amazing art pieces he has!

The One and Only:
Owner and Chief Designer for Above Time

Carey you are an amazing person and a true inspiration! I truly cannot express my overjoyed emotions enough! I had never had such a great experience at an event as I did for yours. From the moment you said hi to me to the moment we said our good byes you made me feel truly special. That's really the kind of people I love meeting and working with! Thank you so much for a lovely evening!

During the Event:

Spending some time with fellow blogger Jarae, creator Carey, and the gorgeous Caroline. 

Go say hi and follow this gorgeous babe!
Instagram: @curvyology 

Moment of truth..

As the evening progressed we got to see a special sneak peak into the future of Above-Time. 
Not only will the brand carry bowties for men, women and kids but they will also carry handbags and sportswear! 

Carey with Alexander

During the event I got to meet this lovely couple; John from 40 Over Fashion and his fiancé Carrie.
Go say hi and follow them at
Instagram: 40overfashion
Instagram: carriemcguirephoto

Last but not least this gorgeous woman! 
During the night I got to chat a lot with Nancy who is such a sweetheart. For those of you who do not know her she is a model blogger and if you're seriously not following her yet what are you waiting for!?
Find her here and say hi!
Instagram: nancymoeller_

Nancy, Carey, and I

One last snapshot for the night...

Again, I want to thank the team from Above Time for inviting me and hosting this night to us bloggers. You guys are seriously amazing and I am so excited for the brand to take off!

Some of the photos used here are by Ricardo from Ricardo J Photography.
Instagram: RicardoJPhotography
Email: rjphotos@gmail.com

Special thanks to him for being at the event capturing these special moments!


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